25 Completely Superb Appetizers

cold appetizer recipesSeveral types of blue cheese can immediately change the flavor of a dish. They’re excellent to whip-up as a fast make-ahead, crowd-pleasing appetizer for vacation entertaining. Many supermarkets have olive bars with a number of varieties to choose from―you can substitute pretty much any olive for some other here, so take the opportunity to attempt an unfamiliar one for this dish and maybe you’ll find a new favorite. The shrimp and cucumbers have to marinate overnight, so plan accordingly.

A garnish of recent shrimp relish gives the finishing touch. Other than the tortillas, there’s nothing Mexican about this elegant appetizer. The sweet dipping sauce provides just a trace of acidity to make all of the flavors stand out. For a clever dinner- or cocktail-occasion menu, make all quesadillas by including this dish to ones with mushrooms and fontina and grilled hen and goat cheese.

This dip packs an enormous amount …