Probiotic Rich Foods for Kids

Probiotics are essential for a strong immune system in the human body. These are live microorganisms that ensure a properly functioning digestive system and provide many other benefits to the human body. Probiotics maintain the optimal balance between good and bad bacteria in the gut and thus make the body healthy and active.

Every mother wishes for her children to grow healthy. Probiotics for kids are essential in order to grow both mentally and physically fit. Many mothers worry about their kids not eating healthy food. It is not always easy to get them to eat healthy snacks. Here is a list of rich probiotic foods that kids like and will not refuse:

  1. Pickles

Cucumbers are cured in a solution of water and salt in order to make pickles, they are also soaked in lactic acid, this way bacterium naturally ferments them. Pickles are rich in probiotics. Kids like the tangy taste of pickles and like to eat them more often.

You can give your child pickles with every meal and sometimes as a snack to ensure that they are eating healthy and are getting enough probiotics from their foods.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is considered to be one of the most probiotics rich foods for kids. It is a fermented food item that is made from milk thus it contains good amount of such microorganisms that are great for kids’ healthy growth such as lactic acid and bifidobacteria.

Most children like having yogurt. You can give your little one yogurt every day to ensure their healthy growth.

  1. Raw Cheese

All kids love cheese and cannot seem to have enough of it. Goat milk, sheep milk and soft cheese available in the market is a great source of probiotics. By choosing unpasteurized cheesing and not pasteurized cheese, you can ensure that your kid gets the real goodness of cheese and eats the cheese that has great amount of probiotics in it.

  1. Green Olives

Green olives that are stored in salt water prove to be a great source of probiotics. Brined olives have a particular great taste due to the fermentation process. Green olives are a great source of Lactobacillus probiotics that are very beneficial in maintaining the bacterial balance in the gut. Not only kids but adults also are advised to eat green olives as they help with bloating.

  1. Miso

Miso means fermented beans. Miso originates from Japan but is it is equally loved in Malaysia. This is one of the best foods that are rich in probiotics Malaysia truly values this soup. It is a great food as it contains all 9 essential amino acids that are necessary for a child’s growth. Miso proves to be extremely healthy for gut health.

Generally, all kids love miso soup. So you should try giving it your kids more often.

All these foods are rich in probiotics and all kids love them. You can easily fulfill their body’s need for probiotics with these foods. Instead of forcing your kids to eat bland food for nutrition, give them tasty yet healthy food like pickles, cheese, miso and many more of this sort.